7 clever travel tips part 2/4

Travel tips part 2/4

Welcome to part 2/4 in our travel tips series, check out part 1 if you missed it.

Travel tip 10 – Sit by the wing

There is less turbulence next to the wing which means a better sleep and less chance of getting queasy.

Travel tip 11 – Scan you important documents

Scan your documents on a phone or tablet as a back up incase you if lose your passport or visa information. Also print this information and put in a different place to your originals.

Martin Reisch. Photo: Wired Magazine


Travel tip 12 – Stop necklaces getting tangled

Put the necklace through a straw and tie clip together, this will ensure it doesn’t tangle whilst travelling in your bag.


Travel tip 13 – Prevent spills

Place plastic wrap over the top of your liquid containers to prevent them from spilling through your bag.

Travel tip 14 – Take a selfy

When you put a new memory card in your camera, take a picture of your self so you can prove its your camera if you lose it.


Travel tip 15 – Stop collar creases

Place your belt in the collar of your shirt to stop it from crinkling.


Travel tip 16 – Save battery

Save the battery on your phone by putting it on aeroplane mode.

Tip 17 – Make your own in flight entertainment

Put your phone in a plastic lunch bag, using the tab of the tray table jam the bag. Poke a hole in the side of headphones and Wholla! you have your own personal movie screen.

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Hopefully these help you for your next trip. Stay tuned for part 3 of 4!

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Happy traveling!