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Cinnamon Dhonveli renovations 2019

Beach Bungalow
Garden Bungalow
WB exterior
Water Bungalow
Beach Suite with pool



Yes, it’s time to upgrade! CINNAMON DHONVELI renovations.
The central section of Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives will go through a transformation to give a new look and feel for the rooms and facilities being refurbished and upgraded to offer a luxurious ambience.

However do not fear! The Atoll Adventures surf tours will be unaffected and Pasta Point will remain the most consistent and uncrowded surf break in North Male Atoll in 2019. With discounted Water Bungalow accommodation; the awesome Maakana Restaurant buffet and cold beers at the Raahlu Bar the essential ingredients of this premium surf trip are ensured. You can stil book at the CINNAMON DHONVELI resort page here.

Works as currently scheduled (10/10/2019):-

  1. From 01 May 2019 Cinnamon Dhonveli will close the central part of the island for renovations that will take up to eight months and are scheduled to be completed by mid-December 2019
  2. All the Garden Bungalows; Beach Bungalows and Superior rooms will be renovated.
  1. The Koimala restaurant; Sunset Bar and swimming pool will also be renovated and some beach enhancement will occur in the southern section of the lagoon beach.
  1. Works will be limited to daytime and any sound would be limited as most work will be done internally.
  1. Between end October & November 2019, the Maakana Restaurant and Raahlu Bar (Surfers’ restaurant & bar at Pasta Point) will be renovated. During this period, Koimala Restaurant and Raiyvilla Sunset Bar, Rehendhi Restaurant Pool & Bar will be operational.


  1. March & April will be normal.
  1. From 01 May to 30 November all Water Bungalows will be allocated to Atoll Travel for surfers and their companions.
  1. Over Water Suites will also be available and the pool, beach, restaurant and bar at the northern end of the island will be operational and isolated from any renovation work.
  1. Of the 36 Water Bungalows at any time there will be 20 – 25 Water Bungalows available for Atoll Travel bookings. The Water Bungalows will be progressively renovated during the six months so at any time there will be some work on six bungalows but approximately eleven bungalows will be sectioned off so as to minimise any disturbance to guests.
  1. Atoll Travel guests staying in the Water Bungalows will have the Raahlu Bar and Maakana Restaurant for meals and relaxing. They will also be able to access the pool and beach at the northern Over Water Suite end of the island.
  1. The Atoll Adventures boats will be operating as normal; there will be a safe path from the southern end of the island to the harbour/reception northern end of island.
  1. The Spa and Dive Centre will be operating as normal.

New Beach Bungalow


New Garden Bungalow


New Water Bungalow


New Beach Suite with Pool


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