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6 Kandui Villas Atoll Travel

Waves at Kandui Villas

Indian Ocean swells hit the Mentawais all year long, with the most reliable conditions occurring from May to September. June and July generally get the biggest swells, but good waves are possible all year round.  The resort is located on Karangmajet Island, directly in front of Kandui left and Baby Kandui, and offers easy boat access to dozens of the world’s best breaks.

Right in front of the resort, Kanduis Left (or Nokanduis) is a perfect, startlingly fast, hollow wave. On a good day, it’s one of the world’s best left-handers, known for its long, deep and intense tubes.  Only six minutes from Kandui Villas, Kandui Right (aka Rifles) is a truly world class right hander, up to 800+ yards long, with freight train tubes from start to finish. Baby Kandui is a 300-yard long, left hander, ideal for hot doggers or long boarders.

On the northeast side of Karangmajet Island, only five minutes by dinghy, Playgrounds Left (aka Karambat Left, Bikinis or G-strings) is predominantly a long easy left. It’s a great place to lose the jet lag and get used to warm water before you get into the serious stuff. When the swell is bigger, Playgrounds Right will work too, as you soak up the tropical scenery.  Also nearby are Malibu Right, a short, easy right breaking onto a one-palm-tree island, and 4- Bobs, a fun, hot-dog right-hander.