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Sumbawa Surfing

The swells are biggest from April to October, but this south coast can get good waves all year round. Our resident surf guide is a serious surfer who knows the area and loves a barrel.

The resort has a classy, little-surfed left-hand point break peeling just 200 metres from the beach. On the other side of the channel, a mellow right hander is perfect for long boards and stand-up paddlers. A large hill protects both these breaks from westerly winds in the wet season, from November to February.

Some of Sumbawa’s epic breaks are on the west coast, a short drive from the resort. Most reliable is Yo-Yos, a reef with two fast, fun rights that work at all tides on a 2-8ft swell.  With a swell over 8ft, Supersucks is a hardcore left-hand barrel – long, fast and powerful. Nearby is Scar Reef, a world-class left – long, fast, and tubing, at its best from 5-10ft or more. Other easily accessible breaks include Big Brother, Little Bingin, Benete and Donuts.