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Chavana Spa



Cinnamon Dhonveli offers surfers and their partners the ultimate indulgence –
a complete selection of massage, spa and beauty treatments at the Chavana Spa. The staff invite you to come in, relax and allow yourself to be pampered.

Chavana Spa is perfectly located next to a tranquil, tropical lagoon, providing an atmosphere of total serenity. The spa has its own range of aromatherapy massage oils, to smooth the skin and soothe the senses.

Muscle Ease Massage
Recommended for surfers, a deep tissue massage that relaxes the tired muscles, easing muscular tension and stress related knots.

Tension Relief Massage
Slow, deep massage strokes deliver pressure to the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue to ease tightly-held tension. It relieves chronic pain by speeding up the blood circulation and thus delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help them repair and improve their condition. Perfect for surfers to unwind and relieve tired muscles with this invigorating post-surf massage.

Traditional Balinese Massage
Passed down through the generations this massage is designed to loosen tight muscles and improve energy flow through the body.

Chavana Spa also offers a variety of facial and beauty treatments so you’ll look and feel marvelous at Cinnamon Dhonveli, the perfect place for a tropical island holiday.