Atoll Travel Tips – How to fit more in your bag!

How to fit more in your bag

Instead of squeezing every last piece of clothing into your bag for your trip try this technique. It works wonders for us, leaves more room to buy things overseas or simply keep you bags light for travel.


Step 1. Place your underwear at the top of the T-shirt, making sure its flat.

Atoll Travel tips fold underwear

Step 2. Fold the arms of the T-shirt into the centre so the edges are flush and its flat.

atoll travel tips fold clothes tshirt

Step 3. Place your socks at the top of the T-shirt. Ensure the toe ends are facing inwards.

Atoll travel tips fold tshirt socks

Step 4. Roll the T-shirt up from the bottom making sure its as tight as possible. The less bumps and creases the better.

Atoll Travel tips fold tshirt roll

Step 5. Fold the opening ends of the socks over the T-shirt.

Atoll Travel tips fold socks

Step 6. Tah – dah! And we’re done, you’ll have much more room in your bag!

Atoll Travel tips finished


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