Best free travel apps for talk and text

We’ve tried plenty of free apps for talking, texting and video calling over years. If you like to be connected to family and friends while traveling the list below of our 4 best travel apps for talk and text will be perfect for you. All you need is WIFI or internet access.

To help you find WIFI connections use WIFI finder. If that doesn’t work many shops and cafes supply WIFI that can be used in exchange for a purchase.

Below are the 4 apps we find best to use whilst traveling overseas.

1. Viber – Free text and calls when connected to WIFI

Free talk and text with WIFI

A simple app that allows you to call and message others who have the application. With 400 million users its a popular way to communicate. Just download it and invite your friends.

Pros: Easy to use, has text and; call abilities

Cons: Can be a bit slow and clunky to text.

2. Whatsapp – Free texts when connected to WIFI

Free text message with WIFI

Similar to Viber however it only allows you to message people, not call. At time of writing this they have 600 million active users so you can be sure you know people who use it.

Pros: Its simple and fast, also allows emojis if thats your thing;

Cons: It doesn’t have calling capability.

3. Skype – Free calls when connected to WIFI

Free video and calling when connected to internet

The most popular free calling service for contacting people across the world. With both voice and video capabilities its a great way to connect with friends and family.

Pros: It has video, calling and messaging abilities.

Cons: If the internet signal is weak it will cut out, be slow or not work at all. If that happens use Whatsapp.

Pros: Quick, easy and allows you to hear people voices which can be nice compared to text message;

Cons: Can be difficult to have a longer conversation, can also be slow if the internet signal is bad.

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Happy traveling!