9 clever travel tips to make travel easier (Part 1/4)

Travel tips: Part 1 of 4


This ‘travel tips’ series is here to make life easier when you’re on a plane, another country or hotel room without a charger. We use these regularly and always lover hearing your tips and tricks whilst traveling. Hashtag (#atoll travel tips) to share them with everyone.

1. Stash a little cash

When traveling, keep some cash in your clothing bag separate from your wallet. If you lose your wallet or its stolen you’ll have enough money to survive.

Atoll travel tips stash cash

 2. Boost your phone speakers

Put your phone in a glass, bowl or cup. This helps increase the volume of phone without wrecking its speakers.

3. Give your loose change away

On the last day or your trip, give away spare cash to a homeless  person.

Image: (AP Photo/Claude Paris) from http://qz.com/39295/eleven-bad-ways-and-one-good-way-to-give-money-to-charity/

4. Carry a power board

Make friends instantly, travel with a power board and you’ll have people flocking to you 🙂


5. Time for bathroom

Certain times are better to go to the bathroom to avoid waiting, just as the plane flattens out and as its about to descend are the best times.

6. Find WIFI by checking Foursqaure

The comment section in Foursquare often has info about wifi and passwords

7. Google maps offline

To use Google maps offline type “Ok Maps” and the visible area will save for future access. Alternatively screen shot the map so you can use it later.

8. Smart packing 

Vacume seal your clothes to increase space in your baggage.

Image from DIY trade

9. Prevent dirt on your pack from shoes

Cover the bottom of your dirty shoes with a shower cap.

 Image from @Anastasivvalentine


Hopefully these help you for your next trip. Stay tuned for part 2 of 4 and share your tips using the (#Atoll Travel Tips) hashtag.